Information for investors

How does it work?


Create a free account by going to the Registration tab and filling out the fields of the registration form.

Making a deposit

Make your first deposit by choosing the liked investment plan with one of the four payment systems.

Gaining a profit

Increase your capital by getting stable guaranteed high profit and generous referral awards.

Withdrawal of funds

Appreciate the instant withdrawal of funds on a 24-hour basis without any limitations on the maximum amount and the number of cash withdrawals.

We offer



Profit – 250%
5% daily for 50 business days

Referral bonus – 5%
From $10 to $999

Make investments in artworks and antiquities: paintings, books, manuscripts, photographs, coins, vases, carpets and objects of worship.



Profit – 370%
5,7% daily for 65 business days

Referral bonus – 6%
From $1.000 to $2.999

Make investments in collectible items, jewellery, watches, furniture, elite drinks, cigars, sculptures and installations.



Profit – 520%
6,5% daily for 80 business days

Referral bonus – 7%
From $3.000 to $100.000

Make investments in luxury goods incrusted with precious stones or made partly or wholly of precious metals, cars, items with autographs of famous people and the things belonging to them (wardrobe items, musical instruments, sports equipment).

How to become a representative

Active participants, attracting new investors to the project are given a unique opportunity to become a representative of the company MARVEL TRADE LTD. This is not only honorable and prestigious, but also extremely profitable. For representatives, the increased referral bonus is established – up to 10%!

In order to become the representative of the company MARVEL TRADE LTD, the following conditions must be fulfilled:


The total amount of personally invited partners must exceed $3.000. When involving investments from $3.000 to $5.000, the level of the subsequent referral bonus will be 8%, from $5.000 to $10.000 – 9%, from $10.000 and over – 10%.


Place a video presentation about the company MARVEL TRADE LTD on your website, pages on social networks or on YouTube.


Provide support to the project, including posting comments about received payments on forums.

After having fulfilled all the above conditions, send a request for inclusion in the list of our representatives to e-mail [email protected] using the subject line "Representative".

It suffices to fulfill the condition №1 to receive the increased referral bonus. After that, send a request to e-mail [email protected] using the subject line "Increased bonus".