About Our Activities

MARVEL TRADE LTD is an officially registered company in the UK. It includes a team of more than 300 experts whose efforts are aimed at making profitable sales of lots at auction houses throughout the world. It lately became obvious that rise of income can be reached not only by doing the job well, but also by bringing together professionals from various fields. For this purpose, the company MARVEL TRADE LTD has been established, whose employees search and evaluate potential lots focusing on one of three areas: ART, MARVEL or STARS.

Artworks and antiquities are the majority of lots at the area ART. Here are mostly found paintings, books, manuscripts, photographs, coins, vases, carpets and objects of worship. Into the category MARVEL mainly belong collectible items, jewellery, watches, furniture, elite drinks, cigars, sculptures and installations. The most expensive area STARS primarily includes luxury goods incrusted with precious stones or made partly or wholly of precious metals, cars, items with autographs of famous people and the things belonging to them (wardrobe items, musical instruments, sports equipment).

After putting together experienced, talented and stable profit-making team, we have initiated the realization of the objective of attracting additional investments. These investments are designed to increase the number of purchased values for subsequent sale in major auction houses throughout the world, while maintaining high rate of return of each lot.

Everyone who wishes to get a stable passive income is being given an exceptional chance to make profitable investments in purchase of lots from the categories ART, MARVEL and STARS. Each of the presented areas has its own specific features that influence the unique deposits' conditions. Our investors have the opportunity to choose an investment plan according to their own preferences.